In Search of a Good, Old Truck

Edward Abbey and his 1973 Ford F-100
Edward Abbey and his 1973 Ford F-100

I’m looking for a large, reliable, old truck to barge over to our place on Gambier Island. Large because its primary duty will be to haul gear, reliable because the nearest garage is another barge ride away, and old because there would be a greater chance of someone with some mechanical know-how working on it on-site when things did go wrong.

I don’t think I’ll have trouble finding a large truck, but finding one that is reliable and old could be tricky. Wish me luck.

Mile Zero

Crossing Howe Sound
Crossing Howe Sound, 2011.

This past weekend, my family rented a 17ft boat and went to our property on Gambier Island for an afternoon picnic. It was a last minute idea on the part of my wife and I will forever thank her for it because it was the highlight of an amazing family weekend and served as the final inspiration to starting this new site. Stay tuned.