Approaching the Edge

The family and I had a fantastic time in Tofino over the weekend. This was our first of three scheduled trips this summer and we’re off to a very good start. The area around Tofino is one of my favourite places in all of British Columbia and my wife and I have been there countless times over the 11 years we’ve been together. Our children have been camping there since they were four months old, so I can’t even begin to imagine how many times will they will visit in their lifetime.

West Coast Life
Passing Bowen Island
On the deck of the Queen of Oak Bay
Morning on MacKenzie Beach
Looking back
A weekend in Tofino, 2011

On this trip, my son began to play in the surf a little more. He gathered the courage to run into the water between waves and stand on a large, submerged boulder before running from the next incoming wave. In the not too distant future, that boulder will seem like a pebble to him. My daughter is still a little worried about the water and doesn’t like to see others go in, but that will change quickly enough.

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