Snug in the Tent, Gambier Island, 2009
Snug in the Tent, Gambier Island, 2009

Brett Macfarlane, a friend and colleague, recently sent me some thoughtful words regarding the launch of this site, and in responding to him, I gave some further thought as to why I created it. I figured it would be good to share it.

Hey Brett,

Thanks for the kind words, I’m very happy you like it.

I grew up as a boy scout and spent plenty of time out in the woods as a kid, something most of my close friends didn’t do. By university, I had graduated from attending excursions to planning them with like-minded souls. However, after moving to Vancouver, something had changed. I imagine I was too busy meeting friends, changing careers and exploring a new city to pay too much attention.

Then, I had kids and quickly found myself having to explain the world to them. This rekindled a interest that had been a little too dormant for too long and Applied Observation is means for me to document my rediscovery. I have so much to learn about the west coast, but doing so will generate and intense bond with my family and the land we call home.

As you mentioned, as a society, we’re mostly moving further away from our connection to the land. It’s not bad, necessarily, but it is unfortunate – our relationship with the wilderness is such a compelling story, it seems silly not to celebrate it.


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