Bacon & Eggs & Bliss

Bacon & Eggs &amp Bliss, Tofino, 2009
Bacon & Eggs & Bliss, Tofino, 2009

This is quite possibly the best breakfast I’ve ever had while camping. I can still remember how excited I was to eat it. If you’re wondering about the colour of the eggs, my wife cooked them in bacon grease and water. Amazing, right?

West Again

The canopy from below, Tofino, 2011
The canopy from below, Tofino, 2011

Yes, we’re headed to Tofino again for a weekend of camping and surfing with friends. This is our final planned trip for the year, but I suspect I will head over again when winter comes along.

The Cache

Our cache, 2011
Our cache, 2011

I found this photo of our supply cache on Gambier Island. It’s not much — it’s quite sad, really — but it’s a start.

Road Trip

Lincoln Rock State Park, Washington
Heading north through Idaho
A Gatekeeper
Moyie Lake Provincial Park, BC
Sunset over Moyie Lake
The Moyie River at Yahk, BC
Wildflowers in Yahk, BC
Sunset over Lake Osoyoos
Ridge above Osoyoos
The Similkameen River
Washington, Idaho & British Columbia, 2011

Last week, we went on a road trip to meet my family at Moyie Lake Provincial Park for a bit of R&R. To get there we dropped down into Washington and Idaho, staying a night at Lincoln Rock State Park. On the way back, we stuck with the Crowsnest highway through southern BC and spent our final night at the Spirit Ridge Resort in Osoyoos. It was a wonderful time filled with sun, heat, swimming and fishing, but my nephew was the only one that caught anything; six small yellow perch.