Trout Lake

Sunrise over Trout Lake, Jason Landry, 2011
Sunrise over Trout Lake, Jason Landry, 2011

This morning I swung by my local lake to watch the sun rise through cold fog. It was a beautiful, crisp morning that reminded me of the winters of my childhood back in Alberta. As I was about to leave, I met Dave, an old local who lives next to the lake. Dave has lived in the area for decades and his parent’s were there for decades before him. He talked of the forest that filled the park, the bog that existed before the city turned it into the lake and the large houses from the 1800s. He talked about the lumberyard he used to play in, the garden he used to grow and the chickens he used to raise “before it was cool”.

Dave had a tattoo on each forearm. On the left, he had a linesman working up a pole, and on the right he had the IBEW logo. The IBEW is the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers, a labour union, and I know their logo well. My Father was a linesman with Telus and AGT before that, so I’ve seen their logo and heard their name more times than I could count.

I have a soft spot for nostalgia and I could have spent all day talking to Dave. As we were parting ways, he told me feel free to stop by if I’m in the area. I hope to take him up on that offer.

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