To The Snow

Looking North, Jason Landry, 2011
Looking North, Mt. Seymour, 2011

This past weekend we joined our neighbours for an afternoon of fun in the snow. It was a glorious, sun-filled day so we headed to the top of Mt. Seymour with our tobaggans in tow.

Looking East, Jason Landry, 2011Looking South, Jason Landry, 2011
Looking East & South, Mt. Seymour, 2011

Mt. Seymour is a Provincial Park and for liability reasons, you’re only supposed to tobaggan in designated areas — and only after you’ve purchased your pass. This doesn’t sit well with my Albertan sensibilities, but we did it anyway. As I should have expected my kids weren’t keen to stand in line, so we wandered off and played on our own until the sun set. Pure magic1.

Looking West, Jason Landry, 2011
Looking West, Mt. Seymour, 2011

Vancouver sits on the edge of all the things I love and I’m lucky to be here.

  1. I really need to get a proper camera in 2012.

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