A Nice Loaf of Bread

Fresh-baked bread, Jason Landry, 2012
Fresh-baked bread, Jason Landry, 2012

The weather has been unsettled on the west coast this spring. That, and a number of other distractions, has meant we haven’t been able to get out to Gambier Island or many similar destinations. Even the kids have been asking to go camping.

Having been cooped up for so long, my thoughts have turned to bread, and inspired by my late friend Kris, I’ve begun making it for the family. Kris always modified the white bread recipe found in the Edmonds Cookery Book—a New Zealand classic—and so I have been doing the same. So far, I have a nice 50% whole wheat loaf which is perfect for sandwiches. In time, I’m going to try adding a variety of seeds and grains; like barley, rye and flax.

The venture has been successful enough that I no longer have a need to purchase a standard loaf from the supermarket. It’s easy to make, allows for experimentation and is a joy to do. I only wish I had started sooner.

This weekend, I’m planning on getting a sourdough starter going and trying my hand at good, old-fashioned country loaves. If all goes well, I may never need to buy bread again1.

  1. OK, presumably I will buy bread at some point, just not very often.


  1. Hi Loved the comment and the reference to NZ…..Kiora

    Comment by Poul Tvermoes on November 25, 2012 at 7:28 pm

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